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Responsible stewardship of the environment

Western Gulf Advisory

Environment concerns are testing the mettle of corporate institutions as well as governments the world over. A new perspective is dawning: environment-friendly policies are directly linked to the health of the economy and commerce.

At Western Gulf Advisory (WGA), a sound environmental policy has influenced its decisions, believing it should be integral to every company’s operations, from the very small to the trans-national. Ahsan Ali Syed, Founder of WGA, believes having an environmental awareness, and making a conscious effort for its preservation, is good for business, besides reflecting a highly ethical character.

Leading a team of financial analysts, legal consultants and investment experts, Ali has established WGA’s credentials as a facilitator of high-net finance for business. The company has been reversing financial inabilities of many companies hit by the credit crunch in the past year. And WGA itself has demonstrated extraordinary growth. Starting with an investment capital of US$53,000, the company is today worth US$275 million – becoming one of the most progressive companies from the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The scope of WGA’s services includes credit enhancements, business funding, strategic insights, business development ideas, leadership development, and legal advisory services. As well as financing specific environmental projects, WGA also advises its clients on the environmental impact in all projects and ensures adverse effects on the environment are mitigated. Protecting the environment and facing the challenge of climate change are crucial issues for WGA, with its long-term financing for investment projects in both public and private sectors.

Investing in renewables

WGA has invested in renewable energy resources in developing nations. Rubber plantations are one of the key areas of investment, which has enormous positive implications for a country like Malaysia. Besides being a friend of the environment, rubber is also an indispensable cash crop and strategic raw material.

Rubber is the third most common consumer product worldwide. Significantly, even after utilising a rubber plant for about 30 years, it turns into excellent timber for making furniture and other useful products. Undoubtedly, WGA’s focus on rubber is to provide maximum advantages including huge employment opportunities generated as a natural outcome of a visionary initiative.

According to Ali, the dynamic ramifications in the current global economic scenario have raised imperative issues. “The investment and preservation of wealth has acquired a greater, although complex significance. The need of the hour is to have an informed view of the marketplace to make intelligent decisions”, he says.

WGA’s performance is a testament to Bahrain’s potential for greatness as a springboard for international businesses. The highlight of the first eighteen months of WGA’s operations is the rise of its net income to US$35.3 million. Despite the global economic slowdown, the company’s relationship with clients and network partners has been fruitful – a paradoxical comment on one of the worst economic downturn periods of history.

WGA’s primary motive has been to help businesses gain and preserve wealth through funding in a cash-strapped economy. As a “facilitator” of wealth, the company’s mission is to channel capital and provide liquidity power through transparent and stress-free finance arrangement. The company has a 10-year old track record of enhancing the financial standing of its clients, successfully drawing significant finances for those who have sought its expertise. By facilitating high cash flows, WGA enhances the credit status of clients and aligns market dynamics in their favour.

Approaching business networking and fund management from a long-term perspective, WGA has identified fertile areas for collaboration, facilitating the joint attainment of mutual goals and objectives towards fruitful and environment-friendly returns. Although WGA’s role has evolved with changing times, the focus has continued to be the best advisor and advocate of our clients, and build bridges for even more successful, exclusive, long-term and diversified growth and investment.

Ali’s credo is summed up in these words: “Very often, people start their lives and businesses without having developed financial abilities to sustain lives or businesses. Our mission is to help transform these inabilities into abilities, so instead of failures, you achieve success.”

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Ahsan Ali Syed

Founder / Senior Advisor
Western Gulf Advisory

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